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Pass The 63™ Listen-And-Learn Audio CD Lectures

How much time do you spend driving or riding the commuter train every day? Why not spend that down time learing Series 63 material? You'll get over SIX HOURS of lecture on CD, allowing you to re-listen to trouble spots and also skip over sections that you have already learned. Sure beats missing two days of work, putting up with student interruptions, and wondering if the guy at the front of the room telling war stories knows what the heck he's babbling about.
Most effective when used with the Pass The 63™ Success Program below.

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Pass The 63™ Success Program - A $300 Value for only $155!

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  • Pass The 63™ Textbook (Be sure you're getting the most recent version, direct from us!)
  • Pass The 63™ Online Practice Question Bank (over 450 unique practice questions updated regularly)
  • Pass The 63™ DVD Training Video Set
  • Pass The 63™ Online Training Videos
  • Includes 2 Pass The 63™ Go / No Go Exams to help you determine if you are ready to take the Series 63 Exam
  • Includes 6 Months of access to the Online Practice Question Bank, Online Training Videos & Go / No Go Exams

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